137º Ceramic Art Studio Barcelona

Ceramic art studio in Barcelona.


A charming space where you can develop your own art or learn new techniques necessary to create with clay.

137° Studio  is a ceramic space for people of all levels and practices including potters, hand-builders, slip casters, functional, nonfunctional, sculptors and more.

In this space you will be infected—if you are not already—by the passion we have for ceramics. Working with clay is a sensorial activity dating back to the origins of humankind. Submerging your hands in clay is like finding yourself again.

Ceramics is a generous, spontaneous and playful craft, but rigorous and demanding at the same time. It forces us to develop noble qualities such as patience and resilience. In fact, we think that ceramics is more than an art, it is a life lesson.

Ceramic Classes

We are dedicated to teaching ceramics with the same passion with which we create our own work. Because this is what it’s all about—ceramics teaches you to be generous and keeps you restless and passionate. The more you learn about ceramics, the more you want to experiment, the more time you want to spend in the studio, the more ideas arise asking you to give them life.


We offer intensive and long-term courses covering different techniques for all levels. You will receive advanced and personalized tutoring, materials, infrastructure and professional tools.


Review our course schedule and if you decide to take more than one at a time, we’ll give you a 20% discount on the second class.


Ceramic Workspaces

We’re located in the Poblenou district of Barcelona, in a multicultural environment with an active creative scene. We’re a short walk from the beach, next door to two large parks and we’re just four blocks away from the Rambla de Poblenou.


The studio offers both communal and dedicated spaces – offered at different rates and lease agreements. All workspaces include a work table and personal shelves, plus unlimited access 24/7.


You will share the studio space with other ceramic artists in an inspiring international environment.

You can rent a workspace for long-term or short-term (minimum one month and some special conditions apply).




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