137º Ceramic Art Studio

Ceramic art studio led by Dalia Sofronie and Manuel Estévez


– We offer pottery classes and sale of ceramic art products –


Our studio is a charming space in the surroundings of the natural park of Montseny. Easy access by train from Barcelona or Girona.

In this space you will be infected—if you are not already—by the passion we have for ceramics. Working with clay is a sensorial activity dating back to the origins of humankind. Submerging your hands in clay is like finding yourself again.

Ceramics is a generous, spontaneous and playful craft, but rigorous and demanding at the same time. It forces us to develop noble qualities such as patience and resilience. In fact, we think that ceramics is more than an art, it is a life lesson.

Ceramic Art Workshops

Taking pottery classes in the environment of Baix Montseny with its great variety of shapes, textures and colors, in the studio residence of the creators of the 137º project, offers infinite opportunities. First of all, the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the natural environment is very inspiring and conducive to creativity. Being in contact with nature has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, which often awakens that place in the consciousness where the most creative ideas are housed.


We will work in small groups and the process will be carefully guided and personalized so that each participant achieves the goals of the courses.


Disconnect from the daily routine, develop your creativity and control in the handling of ceramic techniques, in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere.



Ceramic Art Gallery


In this section of our website, we invite you to get to know our ceramic creations, available for international shipping.


If you are interested in placing a customized order, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can meet your specific needs.






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