137º Membership

Take a 137º Membership and release your creativity!


137º Membership – what it consists of:


Do ceramic classes fly by? Or do you have a project in mind that you would love to bring to life ?

We offer you the possibility of coming to the studio and working on your own.


  • Up to 8 hours per week of time in the studio. We will assign you 2 days per week, at your choice within the published schedule, where you can complete them.
  • You will have access to everything you need in our ceramic studio to bring to life your personal projects.
  • We will provide you with a shelf of approximately 70 x 60 x 50 cm where you can store your work and tools.
  • Our qualified staff will be available to load your pieces into the kilns once they are ready, to handle you the materials you need and to advise you on their use.
  • You will pay for the firings and materials when you collect your finished pieces.


You can combine your 137º membership with our workshops and thus continue learning new tricks and techniques. 

We are very proud of our members creations. Visit our Instagram and Facebook pages to see what they’re up to!

  • Price

  • Monthly payment contract:


    160€/month – for a minimum commitment of 12 months

    170€/month – for a minimum commitment of 6 months

    180€/month – for a minimum commitment of 3 months


    The deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent.


    Minimum duration of 137º membership is one month – time necessary for you to finish your project as the ceramic process has different stages that have to be respected and completed over several weeks.


    * Before applying for a monthly payment 137º membership, please read, sign and send us by e-mail the terms and conditions document that you can download here.


    The block of months payment contract:


    1 month – 250€

    2 months – 320€ (160€/month)

    3 months – 450€ ( 150€/month)

    6 months – 840€ ( 140€/month)

    12 months – 1.560€ (130€/month)


    The deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent.


    * Before applying for a block of months membership please read, sign and send us by email the terms and conditions document that you can download here.

  • Schedule

  • 5:00 to 9:00 pm – from Monday to Thursday*


    * we are closed during Barcelona’s official public holidays


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    You will have access to:

    • Large work tables
    • 5 tabletop and 4 professional shimpo wheels
    • A slab roller
    • Spray booth and glazing gun
    • Stoneware clay (high temperature)
    • Engobes and glazes prepared by the studio

    You are asked to:

    • Provide your own tools;
    • Provide your protective gear;
    • Leave the table clear and clean when you finish working so that students or other artists can make use of it;
    • Leave your pieces to be fired on the assigned area;
    • Pay for materials and the firings of your pieces when you pick them up;
    • Do not accumulate pieces, you have to take them away as soon as they are finished.