Change of focus at 137º Ceramic Art Studio: creativity and connection

innovación y renovación

Change of focus at 137º Ceramic Art Studio: creativity and connection

Dear friends and collaborators,

These are times of change of focus at 137º Ceramic Art Studio. Many of you already know that in August last year (2023) we said goodbye to our premises in Llull street in Poblenou to start a new adventure in our residential studio in Baix Montseny (Royal Park, Sant Celoni). Packing up more than 8 years of dreams and memories has not been an easy task. Neither was the decision to take this step.

In a world where small entrepreneurs in the artistic field often face difficulties, we decided to adapt and reinvent ourselves. We wanted to simplify our lives, reduce unnecessary expenses and focus on what really matters.

In this process of transformation, we have redefined our purpose: we want to provide enriching experiences that, like clay in the hands of an artist, shape and strengthen our being. This desire is reflected in our new course offerings: more exclusive, intensive, and focused on specific techniques. Designed to take place on weekends, they allow participants to escape from routine and fully immerse themselves in the art.

In addition, we are excited to introduce our new service, the Ceramic Projects Space. This space is more than a workshop; it is a sanctuary for creativity, where ceramics meet the natural environment, fostering innovation and renovation in creative ideas that flow from a greater connection with oneself.

Our move to the outskirts of Barcelona has allowed us to take the step towards a change of focus that involves reconnecting with nature and, in this way, with our own creativity and community.. For it is in this connection that the key to everything lies: authenticity, both inside and outside the studio. Recalling Freud’s philosophy on the drives of Eros and Thanatos, we chose to focus on Eros, the drive that favors life and love. We want to share this approach with all of you, encouraging you to follow your instincts and passions.

We invite you to leave aside the rush, the endless to-do lists and, above all, the screens. Sitting on the grass with a book or sketchbook, breathing deeply and appreciating the subtle beauty that surrounds us is essential. And if we sometimes feel pain, that’s okay. It’s ours and it teaches us where to look for satisfaction.

The dangerous thing is not to feel pain, but to live numb, feeling nothing. Because nothingness is the opposite of being. Even in our journey towards the inevitable end, existence offers countless exquisite possibilities.

We hope you will join us in this exciting new journey. Visit our updated website and discover all that we have prepared for you.


Warmly yours,
Dalia Sofronie