3 hours Workshop Event on Baix Montseny

Japanese Pottery: Raku

Teacher Manuel Estevez

Playing with earth, fire, water and air in this raku firing event will unleash the alchemist within you!

Max. group of 25 people

This activity takes place exclusively in the residential studio we have in Baix Montseny, in the middle of nature (easy access by train from Barcelona).

On this event you will be surprised how a simple technique can achieve results of great beauty, even for those who are using it for the first time.
Raku firing is a centuries-old ceramic technique. It is characterized by visual effects of great impact, spontaneous and unrepeatable where the dialogue between earth, water, air and fire play the main roles.
The term raku is of Japanese origin and means “joy”, “happiness”, “glory of the day” and is closely related to the philosophy of Buddhism – Zen.
A technique with great didactic value that allows you to observe, in a few hours, the entire ceramic cycle.

For the raku workshop we will travel to a very picturesque place located 45 km from Barcelona, in the charming Baix Montseny (you can get there by train), and spend the day outdoors, experimenting with this popular firing technique;


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