Continuous Course

Ongoing Ceramics Classes

Ongoing Ceramics Classes. From beginning of September untill the end of June.

For July and August workshops, please refer to our Summer School program.



Continuous courses consist of 1 weekly 2hr class, plus 2 hours of individual practice time in the studio, before your class.


Learn how to throw and how to use the handbuilding techniques step by step and at your own ritm!

Make the most of these ongoing ceramics classes in Barcelona! You will learn wheel throwing, hand-building techniques, finishing and decoration techniques. As you enter more and more into the world of ceramics, you will appreciate it as a process that requires concentration and technique, in return it offers great satisfaction in seeing how the clay comes to life in your hands.


You will combine all the techniques learned to your liking, to direct your work towards an artistic and personal concept.


The last 8 weeks of the academical year will be dedicated to the creation of a final project. The pieces resulted will be exhibited for a period of one month, from mid September till mid October, in the 137º art gallery space.


We are very proud of our students’ creations. Visit our Instagram and Facebook pages and see what they’re up to.


  • Choose from:


    7:00 to 9:00 pm – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 


    11:00 am to 1:00 pm – Thursday 


    You can check up the full calendar of our courses here.


    Practice hours can be done only before the class.

  • Price

  • Long term membership (minimum one month)*:


    Enrollment fee 50€  (Only paid once)

    Monthly fee 130€ *


    *Before enrolling in the ongoing classes, please read, sign and send us by e-mail the terms and conditions document that you can download here.


    Short term membership*:


    4 sessions package € 180* (valid for 8 weeks starting with the first class)


    *Before adquiring your 4 session package, please read, sign and send us by e-mail the terms and conditions document that you can download here.

How we work:

  • The course program is progressive and cyclical (it repeats every year) and it molds on the level of demand and complexity that the student needs.
  • We recommend that you take it for at least one year, but two years of classes are preferable so you become able to give the step through more complex forms and achieve a deeper control of the processes and the materials
  • With advanced students we will conduct the program on an individualized basis, with the objective of helping them find their own style and way of expression.


  • You will learn the construction of the pieces techniques, how to use them and how to combine them in the same project
  • Apply textures and ceramic pigments to the surface of your pieces
  • Work with different types of clays and learn about the difference between them
  • Learn about different finishing and decoration techniques
  • You will become familiar with the process of loading the pieces into the kilns to be fired, learn about the different types of firings and how to program them
  • We highly recommend that you use your practice time, before your class, to work on the skills you learn in class.


  • You can download and check out the full course program here.

Note that:

  • Subscriptions are open all year and you can start the course whenever you want
  • No previous experience is necessary
  • We offer personalized tutoring to each student: when you join our studio, we’ll arrange an interview to assess your experience level and set goals.
  • The practice hours in the studio are not recoverable, they are to be used during the indicated schedule.
  • You pay one enrollment fee regardless if of you take one or more courses.
  • Classes are comprised of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 people to ensure a personalized service.
  • We provide you with all the materials and tools you may need for your creative process, this also includes work clothes.
  • You may also be interested in our workshops or in taking a 137º membership. If you contract 2 services at the same time, you get a 15% discount on the one of lower price.


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