Planter Creation

Make a home for your green friend in our Planter Creation experience.

Max. group of 15 people

Create a home for your green friend in this Planter Creation experience. It is known that the presence of plants in the home offers significant psychological and health benefits. They combat stress, help us connect with our creativity, generate calm and well-being. Let’s do our part to offer a personalized and treasured home, made with our own hands, for these special beings that accompany us and deserve it.


We will work with clay and low-fired ceramic materials, which have the property that they remain porous even after firing, a very important feature for the roots of our favorite plant to breathe through the pot.


A couple of weeks after the workshop, we will deliver the finished and fired planter, ready to be included in the decoration of your home. These pots are more than just recipients; they are little pieces of nature that will remind you of a unique and shared creative experience.


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