A new language for your hands

clases continuas de cerámica

A new language for your hands

Touching is one of our main forms of experimenting the world, a way of learning, of expressing feelings and materializing ideas. With every touch, hands manage to shape what sometimes the mind has not yet clearly defined and what words have not quite managed to express.  Discover a new language for your hands, one that allows them to find  their own voice and shape their own message with two of our most appreciated workshops: Handbuilding and Ceramic Decoration and Wheel Throwing and Slip Decoration!

Especially designed for beginners who take their first contact with the clay and its vast possibilities, both workshops aim to provide the ABC of creating and decorating a ceramic piece. Sign up for the Handbuilding and Ceramic Decoration Workshop and, apart from receiving a thorough theoretical introduction in the first day, you will have 3 more days to play with clay: try various shapes, build, change your mind, rebuild, think again and, once the final shape decided, learn various decorating techniques.  However, if your hands are more at ease with the constant movement and rhythm, that allows them to enter a creative trance, then probably the Wheel Throwing and Slip Decoration Workshop should be your first choice. The classes are small (2 to 10 people) in order for each participant to get the best attention and guidance from the teacher, to feel comfortable and have access to all materials. Check up our YouTube Channel if you want to have a glimpse of these workshops.

Just like learning to speak allows us to express our feelings and ideas, learning to work with clay will allow hands to express their versatility, synchronize with emotions and materialize abstract thoughts. It will allow creativity to burst in new, surprising ways.

If this form of expression might be of interest for you, we invite you to find out more about these courses, the dates on which each of them takes place, about how we work and what to expect at the end of these classes. Be curious, be critical, be doubtful! Get in touch and ask us whatever questions you might have. By learning a new language for your hands, The Handbuilding and Ceramic Decoration and The Wheel Throwing and Slip Decoration Workshops may open the path to a new passion, one we deeply share here at 137º.


Written by Luisa Leizeriuc