International Pottery Workshops

international pottery workshops

International Pottery Workshops


In the ceramic world, the curiosity to learn new things and experience new techniques is just as important as raw materials are. International pottery workshops provide real opportunities to learn and improve, that´s why here, at 137º Ceramic Art Studio, we developed the know-how and the right infrastructure to organize workshops that accommodate up to 20 people.


The workshop we organized in May for our 19 ICAN guests was one of our best experiences so far.

ICAN (International Ceramics Artists Network) is a membership organisation focused on serving the ceramic arts community that brings together ”clay nerds” from more than 60 countries. Famous for their worldwide creative getaways (Indonesia, Italy etc), ICAN has chosen this year Barcelona and 137º Ceramic Art Studio as its new hosts. We were extremely flattered to find out that people on the other side of the ocean heard about our ceramic art studio and that our work was appreciated by such a reference name in the artistic world.


A four day workshop presented by two extraordinary artists.

Trinidad Contreras, contemporary jewellery artist, awarded with the European Prize for Applied Arts in 2018, presented her creative approach to jewellery during 12 hours of creative porcelain classes. Our guests were introduced to the slipcasting technique, created ceramic molds, learned how to prepare the porcelain slip and built their own pieces of creative jewellery.

Amelia Johannsen, ceramic passionate whose work consists of wheel-throwing pottery, sculpture and jewellery, invited our guests in the last 12 hours of classes to create and decorate their spirit animal masks. By exploring new techniques for making abstract and figurative faces and decorating techniques for leather-hard and bone-dry clay, the inner wilderness found very different forms of expression during these classes.


Pottery and togetherness

The four day workshop was an enriching experience: having 19 highly talented and experienced artists (some of them have been working as ceramicists for 15 years) in our studio sharing ideas and insights with us turned 137º Ceramic Art Studio into a friendly Mecca for the makers. It was amazing to see the variety of artworks that were born during those days. After all, this is the bliss of creativity: the freedom it gives you in a narrow space.

Thank you ICAN for joining us in such a creative trip! We look forward to seeing you and getting our hands dirty again.

If interested, please check our page for more information about our pottery workshops.


ICAN workshop in numbers:

4 days

19 guests

76 coffees

200 kilos of clay

100+ worked pieces

Hundreds of photos (selfies included)

Tons of fun and inspiring insights


Written by Luisa Leizeriuc