Texture Applications on Ceramic Surfaces with Clay, Glaze and Smoke


Teacher Şirin Koçak


Obtain a deeper knowledge of the materials you are working with and their possibilities


  • Texture Applications on Ceramic Surfaces – 35 hours workshop, divided into 5 sessions of 7 hours each;
  • The possibility of 24 x 7 access to the studio during the duration of the course, to further develop the skills acquired;
  • Turkish ceramist and educator Şirin Koçak will show you how to make the most of some really important elements: clay, glaze and firing technique. She will guide you in revealing the texture on the surfaces with an aesthetic form and interpretation;
  • You will apply pictorial elements on ceramic surface with ceramic glazes;
  • You will experiment the new methods of traditional ceramics with the Naked Raku firing technique.

During this Texture Applications on Ceramic Surfaces workshop you will explore clay as a texture element and glaze as a pictoral element; a numbers of the exciting smoke and naked raku firing processes involve with the ceramic medium. You will have an opportunity to learn and experiment the processes of firings with your own ceramic pieces.


Know that you have the possibility to buy a membership in our studio during the development of the course. This way you can work more in depth the tecniques teached at the classes.


Get inspired by checking up some of Şirin Koçak’s work.


  • 35 hour workshop: 5 sessions of 7hours/day:


    Next workshop:


    July 25th to 29th

    Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Price

  • Course 760€ *

    Course + 5 days studio membership 860€**


    * all materials and firings are included in the course price.

    ** materials and firings of the pieces made outside the classes, to be calculated and paid apart.

How are we going to work:

  • 1st Day: – Presentation by Sirin Kocak ‘’ Texture, Form and Concept Relationship in Şirin Koçak Ceramics’’;
    You will be shaping clay forms
  • 2nd Day: – Prepairing the clay elements to make a texture on surface, applications on ceramic pieces
  • 3rd Day: – Using the Glazes as painting element, you will apply it on bisquit ceramic pieces
  • 4rd Day: – Oxidation firing for glazed pieces, Presentation by Şirin Koçak : ‘’ Naked Raku Researches and Applications ‘’. The artist will present the Naked Raku , which is at the same time her art proficiency work, her research, application and firing processes will be discussed.
  • 5th Day: Naked Raku preparations and Naked Raku Firings

Note that:

  • Previous experience with ceramics is recommended even though not a must
  • Classes are formed with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people to ensure a personalized treatment.
  • We provide you with all the materials that your creative process may need.
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