Remembering 2021 and eagerly creating during 2022

Remembering 2021 and eagerly creating during 2022

Remembering 2021 and eagerly creating 2022

For many of us, the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 have represented a challenge at different levels due to the emergence of the umpteenth wave of Covid-19. Fortunately, we are still here, even more eager than before, sharing the wonderful world of ceramics with you.
As covid-19 restrictions eased in 2021, many of us find ourselves with more energy and freedom to return to our hobbies and passions; At 137º we welcomed new artists and students and are proud that our pottery community continues to grow. Pottery has been a tool for artists to feel focused and connected for the last two years, the power we have experienced from practicing this craft has been amazing and has offered us life force. Now, as we move into the new year, we find ourselves setting new goals and acknowledging the lessons we’ve learned over the past few years. Here at 137° we wanted to re-share some of our successes from 2021, as well as highlight new and exciting things to look forward to in 2022.


A hotel collaboration:

The collaboration with the InterContinental Hotel was a dream come true for us. We created more than 120 pieces for a ceramic installation in the hotel lobby, as well as a small number of unique sculptural pieces. With the busy hands of Dalia, Manu and Evan, the team was able to create an impressive collection of ceramics that fit perfectly into the hotel space. We are absolutely delighted to have been given this opportunity and look forward to working on more such projects in 2022. To read the full article about the collaboration with InterContinental, visit this page.

Monthly pop-ups

One of the great joys of 2021 has been watching our talented ceramicists work hard to produce and sell their creations in our monthly pop-up shop, which takes place in the 137° gallery. On the first Sunday of every month, you can find plenty of unique, handmade and functional pottery to take home. The artists have received a lot of support from the community and it has given them the motivation to continue working with enthusiasm on their projects. Thank you very much to everyone who visited our temporary store events in 2021, your support means a lot to us! Follow us on Instagram to stay informed about them as they continue into 2022!

Guest visits

In 2021, we enjoyed the company of a wonderful guest, professional potter and master Shanyar Abdullah. His work has received international recognition and success, showing his work at multiple symposiums, biennials, such as Cluj and MINO, and exhibitions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the United States. Originally from Iraq, Shanyar studied for his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in ceramics, before teaching in the United States and at the Baghdad Academy of Fine Arts for two decades. Shanyar’s work has focused on the themes of “regularity and irregularity”, which he has explored through a range of abstract forms that take us back to nature. When he described to us the success of his ceramic residencies around the world, we were inspired as a team to pursue these opportunities, while rekindling our passion for travel.



Summer Program

We propose, starting this year, a program to be held every summer with a purpose to help the candidates to improve as ceramic artists, enrich their vision and take their skills to an advanced level.

Our summer school develops from beginning of July till the end of August. It consists of several courses of professionalization in the practice of ceramics with local and international renowned ceramic masters such as Şirin Koçak, Shanyar Abdullah, Trina Doerr, Evan Powell, Manuel Estevez and Dalia Sofronie. The participation in all the 5 courses comes with a free membership, 24×7 to the studio, during July and August;

Students will have the opportunity to meet collaborating artists with 137° Ceramic Art Studio, who are working professional ceramicists with proven success and recognition in the field. This intensive summer program is ideal for those who have always wanted to study a creative subject abroad, meet new like-minded people and learn technical skills with the help of a team of experts. To register for the program, you can contact us directly through our website.

As one of the many optional courses within the Summer School, we are introducing a class that is a little different than the rest: Yoga and Clay. This is a truly special and unique series of workshops for our artists which explores the body, the hidden language of the senses, and our instinctual creativity. Presented by our beloved artist Lucía, certified yoga teacher and professional potter, her knowledge of the yogic system is revealing and inspiring. Sessions will focus on Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether, while exploring the possibilities of clay and other natural materials.

Seasonal Ceramic Exhibitions at 137°

Here at 137° Ceramic Art Studio, we have decided to offer seasonal group exhibits in the gallery space at the front of the studio. By establishing a theme for each exhibition, our artists explore the chosen theme.
using the materials and equipment available in the workshop. One of our upcoming exhibits will revolve around “lighting”, which has sparked a lot of interest among our artists! We hope to invite the pottery community at large to our space to enjoy the beautiful creations.

Guest Visit: Raluca Bazura

Raluca Buzura will visit the 137º Ceramic Art Studio during spring to give a talk about his work as a professional artist with 12 years of experience. Raluca’s ceramics are “portable art installations” that combine her love of fashion, jewelry, and sculptural art. Her work has been featured by publications such as New Necklaces by Nicolas Estrada (cover), Metalsmith Magazine, Vogue Japan and has been awarded the following awards: Autor Awesome Award (2018), Collectiva Meeting Award (2018), Faire Magazine Award (2018), Joya Barcelona Award (2019) and gold medal at the International Design Award (2020). We look forward to welcoming Raluca back to the studio for an inspiring chat with our artists!


The word Raku means ‘joy’ and ‘happiness in accident’, embracing the art of spontaneity and surprise. In 2022, we will organize Raku workshops in the beautiful location of Montseny, just 45 km from Barcelona. Students will learn the practice of this Japanese method of decoration that has its roots in the philosophy of Buddhism. This workshop is perfect for beginning or experienced potters who want to explore the intricacies of glazes, color, and chemical reactions in ceramics, which can broaden your knowledge of this craft. You can read more about this impressive method here. You can see images of our last workshop held in March 2022 here.


To keep up to date with all these exciting events in 2022, follow our Instagram and Facebook pages, where you can also contact us directly if you have any questions.


Written by Freya Saleh