2024 Summer School



Learn, Connect, Enjoy.
The program of our summer school is designed as a creative and recreational oasis. Here, you will have the opportunity to delve into techniques aimed at awakening your imagination, finding your unique style of expression, identifying what has real meaning for you, transforming it into an original project, and bringing it to life.


What does our Summer School consist of?


Familiar, Stimulating, and International Atmosphere: You will share space and ideas with artists from different countries (our courses attract a very international community), and you will develop your projects from start to finish focusing on functional ceramics, conceptual installations, or experimental sculpture with traditional and contemporary forms. In small groups, during daily work sessions, you will give a boost to your creativity, fostering your confidence and skills along with your ceramic creations. By making ceramics your daily routine, you will experience life as a full-time artist.


Tailor-Made Creative Evolution: Choose and design your own program. Our courses are scheduled in successive steps so that, if you decide to take more than one, your learning is continuous, and you can use the concepts learned in one course in the following ones. We work in small groups and, from step-by-step introductory presentations to specific technique sessions, we adapt the program to your level and goals.


Inspiring Environment: We await you at our studio surrounded by the serene nature of Montseny, just 45 minutes by train from Barcelona. Additionally, depending on the time we have available, we will invite you to join us on extracurricular excursions to emblematic places in the area, where the presence of ceramics has marked its cultural and economic life. This will allow us to return to the studio even more inspired and with new ideas.


Professional Guidance: We will sit down together and design your learning program to ensure you get the maximum benefit during your time as a participant in the summer school. Guiding you are Dalia Sofronie and Manuel Estevez, co-owners of the 137º Ceramic Art Studio. Dalia, a Romanian ceramic artist with a background in Decorative Arts and Advertising Design, has brought her creative vision and extensive experience as an Art Director in internationally renowned advertising agencies to the foundation and management of this ambitious project. Dedicated to teaching ceramics and sculpture, as well as to her own artistic work, Dalia aims to inspire and guide students through their creative journey. Manuel, a Spanish ceramic artist with experience since 1996, has honed his craft in Ireland, collaborating with noted artists and refining his skills in prestigious workshops. Together, they offer a rich blend of professional guidance, creative inspiration, and hands-on learning tailored to each participant’s goals and interests.


Follow-up After the Program: Once you return to your own studio, we will be happy to greet you and offer answers to your questions through weekly video conferences that you can benefit from for the next month.



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