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Şirin Koçak

International renowned turkish artist, with a Ph.D in naked raku.


Ceramicist and academician Şirin Koçak was born in 1978, Razgrad, Bulgaria and graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Ceramics and Glass Design in 2005. She completed her Master of Ceramic Arts Degree at Dokuz Eylül University Institute of Fine Arts on the subject of “A Porcelain Making at Jingdezhen and Chinese Porcelain Glazes” in 2009 and her Ph.D. on the subject of “Naked Raku Researches and Applications” in 2014.


She has had six solo exhibitions and participated in art biennales, symposiums, congress, workshops and exhibitions in Turkey, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Egypt, Slovenia, Georgia, Argentina, Croatia, Portugal, Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Pakistan, France, Serbia, Poland, Northern Cyprus, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, Tunis, Korea, Great Britain and U.S.A.

Her works were accepted to twenty art collections including Spain Ceramics Museum L’Alcora, Korea Mungyeong Ceramic Museum, Latvia Riga Porcelain Museum and Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre Collection, Croatia The Varaždin City Museum, Slovenia International Ceramic Triennial UNICUM, Argentinian Asociación Cultural Rumbo Bienal Internacional del Mosaico Contemporaneo BIMC, Ziraat Bank Art Collection and mainly İŞBANK Art Collection.

She has had six ceramic art awards and currently teaches ceramic art as associate professor in Uşak University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Ceramics in Turkey. She is a member of Turkish Ceramic Society.


Artist Statement:

I use the softness of clay to transfer fingerprints, which form the most fundamental part of human identity, to my works. Repetitions that form thin layers and symbol-like forms can be seen when examined up close. It is as if each one is a sign sending out a message and searching for a new world, a new language, a new life. The forms invite the viewer in, try to move them away from the moment, get lost in the layers and examine them for a long period of time. Even if it is for a moment, it invites modern man to detach from daily life and find themselves. By abiding to these forms, I reach new compositions that are different from each other, helping the viewer escape the complicated world.

Shanyar Abdullah

International awarded Iraqi artist, university professor in Jordania.


Shanyar Abdullah was born in Iraq in 1945. He holds an BA – MFA in ceramic in Iraq and USA and is a member of Iraqi Artists Societ, Iraqi Artists Union, IAA France. He was exhibited in different shows and internationals fairs as:

  • International Ceramic Festival – Mino – Japan – 2017.
  • Cluj International Ceramic Festival –Cluj – Romania – 2017 .
  • Shikaraki ceramic cultural park 2019.
  • International Ceramic symposium Azerbaijan 2019.
  • 8 th International Ceramic symposium chang chun / china 2019.


Artist Statement:

Most of my ceramics are characterized by the regularity and irregularity , which contains carefully examined technical elements, as if the work of art is a musical instrument that produces melodies that have an influence on spectator with the view to attract him, dialogue with him, and make him think.
The various technical elements that make up the work lead to rhythms, and establish conflict between these elements, the absence of conflict between such elements means the absence of rhythm, and my intention is to reveal these conflicts between “statistic and dynamic .”

The rule in art is to avoid regularity and to find an integral unit in the ceramic work that does not mean the similarity between all parts of the design but to show a lot of difference.

In my work, the simple chromatic richness on the ceramic surfaces, and an exercise in which the system can be found to illustrate the linear configuration of the architecture of the geometric form presented, addressing the phenomenon of visual diversity in the ceramic works, eventually forming an experiment of aesthetic value with the techniques of oxidation and reduction of color oxides, which relied on the introduction of dramatic movements in the mass space and its form balancing between geometry and blocks dancing in the embrace of warm shape.

Trina Doerr

Canadian artist, living and teaching ceramics in the south of Spain.


Canadian ceramic artist and painter, Trina have been living and working out of her studio in southern Spain, Bédar, for the last twenty years. Her work is available online and in various galleries in the area.


Artist Statement:

I have been pursuing my art as long as I can remember. I am autodidact and have created many of my own processes as well as using more traditional methods in my work. Growing up in a small northern Canadian town I learned to appreciate
the mundane beauty of life around me and use this as my inspiration in my current work. I feel that the strong use of color combined with the whimsical aspect of everyday life brings interest into my pieces. Organic forms that contain one or more
subject intrigue me and I mainly hand build or alter wheel thrown vessels. My glazing techniques vary from collection to collection.

Evan Powell

U.S. industrial designer and ceramist, teacher and manager at 137º Ceramic Art Studio.


Originally from Denver, graduated in industrial design by the Metro State University and with many years of experience in the field of design and ceramics, now manager and teacher at 137º Ceramic Art Studio. Product designer that looks at design through a traveller’s eye, trying to capture the charm and life of different places, cultures, and the beauty of the natural world.


Artist Statement:

Years of being a ceramicist has given me a passion for form and surface.
The exploration of material, form, and surface drives and excites me. I aim to bridge the gap between heritage craft and advanced technology, to design timeless pieces that focus on sustainability and users experience.

Manuel Estevez

Spanish ceramic artist, teacher at 137º Ceramic Art Studio and co owner.


Manuel has been involved in the world of ceramics since 1996. He developed his practice in Ireland, where he lived for more than a decade. He collaborated with different artists such as: Brian Macgee, Rob d’Eath, Sinéad Fagan, etc. I also trained my skills with the nuns at Kylemore Abbey, Stephen Pearce Pottery and other small workshops.

Since 2015, together with Dalia, he started to work at the creation of the 137º Ceramic Art Studio project which ows and manage.


Artist Statement:

My ceramic work is intended for everyday use. It is inspired in part by the work of artists such as Bernard Leach or Richard Phethean, as well as traditional Spanish-Arabic pottery. I love working with terracotta for its warmth and adding engobes of different colors that give my creations a lot of joy.

Dalia Sofronie

Romanian ceramic artist, the creative mind behind 137º Ceramic Art Studio project and co owner.


Born in Romania in 1979 and settled down in Barcelona Spain in 2008.

With a degree in Decorative Arts (Targu – Mures) and in Advertising Design (Cluj – Napoca), she worked as an Art Director in several internationally renowned advertising agencies.

This experience served her as a push for creative thinking and was a good fondation from where she was able to create and manage such an ambitious project as 137º Ceramic Art Studio.


Artist Statement:

My projects are mostly artistic although, occasionally, I also make functional pieces. I create most of my work with hand building techniques and sometimes with plaster molds that I create from my prototypes.

My favorite materials are porcelain and stoneware. My inspiration comes from nature in all its dimensions: human, vegetable and animal – from its complex complementarity and at the same time contrast.