The Way of Clay – 1st of April – 137º Open Studio Day

El Camino de la Arcilla

The Way of Clay – 1st of April – 137º Open Studio Day

Pottery has been an answer to human needs since prehistoric times. Humans began by building clay vessels to store the seeds, the food and the treasures. They discovered that fire-hardened clay was more resistant, which led to the birth of ceramics.

Nowadays, having passed through the era of industrialization and finding ourselves in a moment in which technological advances are taking giant steps, in an era in which speed and efficiency are values on the rise, it could be thought that objects created by hand are an extravagance. However, ceramics are still a vital necessity for human beings. If to our ancestors it responded to practical requests, to us today it responds to even more imperative needs: connect us with our past, with our creativity, with our inner essence and with the people we love.

The 137º Ceramic Art Studio invites you to the first open studio event of The Way of Clay series where you can experience the art of ceramics firsthand. This event will be a celebration for the senses, with the entire space decorated with ceramic works and activities for you to get your hands in clay.

During the day, you will have the opportunity to participate in our first Meet the Makers edition, where two of our artists, Joanna Mair and Jason Showard, will exhibit their work and share their creative process, motivations and inspirations with you. The exhibition will remain open to the public six weeks after the event.

In addition, all the artists of the coworking community will exhibit their most representative works in their working areas.

Throughout the event The Way of Clay, which will run from 12pm to 8pm, half-hour or one-hour workshops will be held so you can experience ceramics for yourself. Among the workshops we will be offering are Decorate your Mug and Try the potter’s wheel.

There will be drinks and snacks for you to enjoy the atmosphere, and there will be an explanation of the activities and courses offered by the studio, as well as a tour of the facilities.

137º Ceramic Art Studio is a space dedicated to teaching and coworking in the context of ceramic art.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience pottery, meet and be inspired by talented ceramic artists. Book the date: April the 1st, from noon to 8 p.m. We are waiting for you!


Written by Dalia Sofronie / Photography by Sara Lopez