Hello 137º Ceramic Art Studio!

137º Ceramic Art Studio in Barcelona-01

Hello 137º Ceramic Art Studio!

Welcome to 137º Ceramic Art Studio Barcelona, the place where ceramicists feel at home. 

What is the 137º project?

137º Ceramic Art Studio in Barcelona is a creative space dedicated to ceramics, that invites artists to feel free to create and experiment their craft. To feel like home while turning clay into beauty representations.

At 137º we organize workshops and offer classes for both beginners and advanced ceramicists. We are also more and more involved into the events organization, as we try to bring the world of ceramics, its processes and values closer to those interested in acknowledging it.

How 137º Ceramic Art Studio was born?

In June 2015, the ceramicists Dalia Sofronie and Manuel Estévez put together their knowledge, passion and resources to open a ceramic space called 137º Ceramic Art Studio. Poblenou, a Barcelona district where multiculturalism meets the artistic orientation, proved to be the perfect place to start this new creative adventure.

We wanted to offer a space in which both experienced ceramic artists and creative people who wanted to learn about ceramics could find their place to learn, grow,  discover their unique style and means of expression. Therefore, we have equipped the studio with various workspaces for ceramicists and with a large area for classes and events.

Since then, resident artists from various parts of the world keep on joining our team. Currently our studio brings together artists from more than 10 nationalities. An unique combination of styles and personalities that, although different, share some important common features: the explorer curiosity, the sensitivity of creative people, the scientists´ perseverance and stubbornness and, more than anything, enthusiasm for the versatility of the clay.

Our studio of 300 square meters is divided among the ceramicists´ workspaces, the area for the classes, the front exhibition space, a resting area and the kitchen. Feel free to click here and learn more about our studio facilities.

Why the name 137º?

Beauty is the order and harmony of the universe. It is the irrational law that rules over us, from our DNA to our thoughts.

Struggling to find the logic of beauty, ancient thinkers tried to explain it mathematically, and that’s how they discovered the existence of a ratio, which they called Golden.

137º is the golden angle, discovered by Fibonacci, that can be recognized in many of nature’s geometries: the provision of sunflower seeds, in the leaves of each stem, in the order of the flowers’ petals or in the branches of a tree. Basically 137 is the genetically encrypted code of the natural beauty, a code that includes imperfections, improvisation, adaptation, therefore creativity. That´s why when we are born, the sense of beauty is born with us.

137º helps us maintain one of our deepest convictions: creating beauty is in our inner nature.


Written by Luisa Leizeriuc